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M2 to B

M2to Be is a performance that borns from the collaboration between two artists, the composer Maurizio Massarelli and the dancer and choreographer Livia Massarelli.

The piece takes inspiration from the work of an Italian painter Ubaldo Savonari, who has created new art avantgarde called "The third futurism" during the '80s in Italy.


The dynamism and the power of the colours in Savonari's paints have inspired the music composition and the choreography that aims to perform the strength, the dynamics and the shapes of Savonari work through the movement and the music. 


The choreographer wants to investigate different movement qualities and shapes, trying to give different nuances to the movement.


première: Caos, Terni, Italy 

in the occasion of the opening art exhibition " Baldo Savonari Trent'anni di pittura, quasi un'antologica"


Festival The Play Space, The Flying Dutchman, London

Blue cloud Scratch, The Blue Elephant Theater, London, Uk


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