Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer

Livia Massarelli (1991) is a freelance dancer, choreographer, educator, coach and meditation guide.



Livia has performed nationally and internationally in acclaimed works by Dora Frankel Dance Company,  Edge Company, BarberDance, SkogDans and she was part of "The Grain" project with Avant Garde Dance Company. She has performed in Italy, UK, Scotland, Austria and Portugal in choreographies by Shobana Jeyasingh, Tony Adigun, Patricia Okenwa, Allen and Karen Kaeja, Emanuel Gat, Claudia Castellucci, Malou Airaudo, Rodolfo Leoni, Sara Lourenco, Andrea Palombi, Francesca Lombardo, Ricky Bonavita, Giovanna Velardi. 

Livia performed on stage and in many unconventional spaces such as the "Rocca Maggiore" in Assisi (Italy), the  Bridge "Ponte delle Torri" in Spoleto (Italy), and  at the Maiano Prison (Maiano, Italy) with the company "SineNomine" composed by free artists and prisoners.


Livia's works combine intellectual research and visceral physicality. Livia is passionate about collaborations between different artists and she explore movement as a special way to connect with people and stimulate critical thinking.

Her works has been performed in venues such as The Place Theatre (London, UK), Caos Centre (Terni, Italy), Tripspace (London, UK), Casa des artes (Porto,Portugal) The Blue Elephant Theatre (London, UK), Ruskaja Theatre (Rome, Italy), Sala Frau (Spoleto, Italy) and at The Italian Parliament in Rome (on behalf of The National Dance Academy of Rome).

Livia's solo "Lichtspiel Dance" has been selected in the festival "Nutrimenti 2011" and her own choreographies have been presented at festivals as "Terni Festival 2018" (Italy) "Resolution Festival 2018-2019" (United Kingdom), "Prospettiva Nevskij 2018" (Italy) "Terni Festival 2015" (Italy), "Festival Arte E Scienza 2014" (Italy) "The Play Space 2017" (UK). She has created works for diverse spaces such as stage, arts galleries, museums, and public spaces such as bridges and fortresses.  

Livia has collaborated with many artists including visual artists, musicians, composers and with technology experts such as engineers and computer scientists.



As educator, Livia has taught workshops, prevocational and professional classes in prestigious schools in UK and abroad. She has taught at The Place, (London) The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance ( Dundee), Dance City (New Castle), Gloucester University, The Andover College, The South East College (London), Teatro Greco (Rome),  "E1 Dance School" (Terni) and at the workshop "Crescer alèm da danca" in Vila Nova de Famalicao, Portugal.

From 2018 Livia is a dance teacher fo Avant Garde Dance Company and Shobana Jeyasigh Dance Company.

From 2019 Livia is collaborating with The Creative Learning Department at The Place (London)  teaching in Primary Schools.

From 2018 Livia has been teaching Ballet and Contemporary Dance at Rise Studios School in London.

In August 2019 Livia got the qualification "CACHE Level 2 certificate in understanding children and young people mental health".


Moreover, she has taught Ballet, and Contemporary Dance at the dance school E1 in Terni (Italy) and she is assistant of the teacher and choreographer Jessica Iwanson during her audition and workshops in Italy.  



Livia supports dancers and non-dancers in finding their own wellbeing, improving their performance and their career. She has developed a personal meditation practise for dancers and artists and she offers mentoring and coaching sessions.

Livia is a certified Thetahealing® practitioner and she is currently part of the one year course for meditation guides lead by Master Davide Cova at the centre  Dorje-Ling.


In 2020 Livia got a MA in performance at London Contemporary Dance School.

In 2017 Livia performed with the international touring dance company EDGE17 based at The Place (London), and she graduated as a PostGraduate student at London Contemporary Dance School.

In 2013 She graduated with honours from Accademia Nazionale di Danza of Rome, and she completed the course International Dance Program directed by Sara Lourenco and Andrea Palombi. She has studied and worked with world-renown artists participating in workshops and festivals such as Impulztanz, Biennale Danza, Festival Dei Due Mondi, Dance Umbrella.


 photo by James Beresford