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The Mindful Dancer
Coaching and Meditation for dancers

The Mindful Dancer workshop aims to open the dialogue on dancers' wellbeing and discuss strategies to support them through coaching exercises and guided meditation.

The special combination of these two different approaches, the holistic and the pragmatic one, creates a space of awareness where Livia leads dancers into positive reflections and action planning.

The workshop offers dancers the tools to navigate their career, reducing their unecessary stress and therefore improve their performance.

The focus of Livia Massarelli's work is in

response to the potential difficulties dance artists can experience in pursuing a freelance career and to the need for tools to navigate it.

Livia Massarelli is passionate about supporting other dance artists and help them in achieving a balanced and mindful state, necessary to achieve their goals.

For this reason, she has developed a personal method based on meditation practice and coaching exercises by using her expertise in the two fields.

'The Mindful Dancer" took place in London at Studio Wayne Mcgregor and it was offered as Continuous Professional Development Activity from Shobana Jeyasingh Dance to her dancers and teachers.

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