Livia has a great experience and knowledge in meditation and she works with meditation as a tool to support dancers in navigating their career.

Livia is a meditation teacher (certified Thetahealing practitioner and meditation teacher at Centre Dorje Ling).

Livia is currently collaborating as a researcher with Rambert School (London), studying the effects of meditation amongst dance student in a conservatoire contest. She is also leading regular meditation sessions for second-year students at Rambert School.

Previously, Livia conducted a small-scale qualitative study on the impact of meditation on freelance dancers (MA at London Contemporary Dance School), creating a specific meditation practice for dancers.

She is also collaborating with the organisation "Towards Vivencia" and the dance company "Equilibrio Dinamico" as a holistic coach and leading meditation sessions for performers.

Check all the updated weekly schedule on Livia's Instagram and Facebook profile (@livia_massarelli).

If you have any question or curiosity about meditation and meditation for performers, don't hesitate to contact Livia, she is more than happy to share her experience and knowledge on this topic!


Livia is offering 1:1 conversation and tailored meditation on specific needs.

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Livia is a passionate personal, creative and holistic coach.

She already supported numerous dancers and non-dancers in setting their goals and finding their own strategies to achieve them in their career and in their personal life.

These sessions aim to support you in discovering your goals, finding your strategies to achieve them and clear your limiting beliefs on all levels of your being, mentally, spiritually, psychically, physically, and emotionally.

Moreover, Livia works in workplaces (such as Dance Companies and Business companies) to facilitate positive and productive teamwork.


Coaching is a two-way conversation, offering a safe space to explore the positive changes you may want to make in your life or career and to find ways to put those ideas into action.

No matter what point you are at in your career or personal life, coaching can help you to find the clarity and confidence to move forward.

Through coaching sessions with Livia, you will build an awareness of the behaviours and attitudes that may be holding you back from achieving your dreams or just planning your next move in life.

Coaching is based on a foundation of trust and empathy. It is not about making judgements or telling people what to do. Each coaching session is driven by you. You decide the topic and outcome. Livia will support you in getting there.

Coaching is an invitation to take action and create the life you want. You may not realise yet just how powerful a tool it is – book a session and see for yourself!


Livia is a certified Thetaheling® practitioner and she offers private one to one sessions, in-person and online.


ThetaHealing® is a highly versatile meditation training technique created by Vianna Stibal for self-development that empowers you for positive change. Reprogramming your subconscious mind from your limiting beliefs and feelings that are holding you back from happiness, love, wellness, prosperity and abundance, it supports you in finding a mentally, spiritually, physically and emotional balance.

"Thanks to her deep knowledge in meditation and self-awareness practices, Livia is characterised by a particular and personal style that mixes together pragmatism and a holistic approach to support you in your personal jouney, strongly suggested!"