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Structures return again and again, always in change, always in play. Is this not what happens also in our everyday lives?

(UN)CHANGED a dance piece by Livia Massarelli inspired by the canon structure in music.


 A dance piece exploring the use of canon in composition. An investigation into the relationship between dance and

music, revealing cycles that appear to be the same but are constantly changing. A structured composition that is completely abstract but unexpectedly close to our real everyday lives.



premiere: 25th of January 2018

the Place Theatre, London

as part of Resolution Festival 2018


Dancers: Luca Braccia, Yasmine Lindskog, Giacomo Pini, Aisha Naamani


Music composer: Maurizio Massarelli


Light Designer: Kieron Jhonson


Costume Designer: Michelle Bristow


“Four strong dancers in shiny costumes perform a dynamic and structured choreography in Livia Massarelli’s (Un)Changed. Without silences or pauses, the piece takes us on a no stopping journey of familiar forms. Original and powerful music by Maurizio Massarelli kept everybody awake in the room, while at the same time reinforcing the idea of trance, exhaustion and intense physicality. Through unisons, duets and group (Un)Changed was a clean, precise, and engaging choreographic composition.“


Extract from the review by Coral Montejano Cantoral on The Place Theatre Website.

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