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Movement and Creative workshop

This workshop aims to explore body movement as a way to interact and dialogue without words, rediscovering the human connection between people.

Through the gestures and the use of touch, the participants are invited to communicate and share feelings, emotions, images and ideas, with a particular focus on human relationship and the concept of support and be supported. 

The participant will have the opportunity to play and explore their creativity in a safe, playful and friendly environment and reflect on human connections and non-verbal communication.


The workshop is open to everybody, dancers and non-dancers. Experience in movement is not requested.  

It is suggested to wear comfortable clothes.

"Livia builds bridges between dialogue, contact and instinctive movement" Workshop participant

"This workshop is really useful to create a connection with people, especially for the ones who experience difficulties in relating to the others" workshop participant

If you are interested in taking part in the workshop or hosting it, please contact Livia Massarelli

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