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Lichtspiel Dance

concept and choreography: Livia Massarelli

film: Lichtspiel Opus I by Walter Ruttmann (1921) original music: Maurizio Massarelli

length: 10 minutes




We are constantly looking for something no matter what. There is always something to find, something bright in the dark.
Lichtspiel Dance is an invitation to lose yourself in the dynamics shapes, colours and sounds to finally discover your true self. It is a journey into deep and hidden places of our existence to know and accept the intimate, honest and true self. The hypnotic film by Walter Rutmann and the sound score by Maurizio Massarelli lead the performer in her internal universe made by light and darkness and invite us to do the same. 




December 2011

Festival Nutrimenti, Palmetta, Terni, IT


8 December 2018

Trip The Light, Tripspace, London, UK

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